Welcome to our Hollong Eco Village Resort a hotel in Jaldapara.

An eco destination......The ultimate one.

Are you tired of monotonous daily life? Or of your hand-pressure and sick-hurry?......

And you want a refreshing holiday trip in the lap of mother nature. We have the answer.......

Hollong Eco Village Resort

Our Hollong Resort at jaldapara is waiting for you to soothe your soul and mind with the most delicate touch of unspoilt nature. Hollong Eco Village Resort is an Eco-abode of peace and comfort for you.

The hotels in Jaldapara are mostly around the fencing of the forest and are also mostly private properties. Excluding the hotels which are Government affiliated. If  you want a stay at Jaldapara then Hollong Eco Village Resort Offers you a great stay by the forest's fencing and also by the Hollong river. In all the hotels in Jaldapara Hollong Bunglow is the most famous one as it is out of all hotels is the only one inside the forest's fencing. Hollong Bunglow also offers a salt pit where animals are sighted easily. As because Hollong Eco Village Resort  is situated horizontally by Hollong Bunglow and  right at the fencing of Hollong Bunglows forest. Hollong Eco Village Resort will provide you open air barbeques, badminton court, children park rides and many more fun activities.

A Resort in Jaldapara which proudly presents you a great stay by the forest where you get a complete ambiance of the forest very closely which most of the hotels in Jaldapara lacks.


Welcome to Hollong Eco Village Resort

Tasty Boroli and Chittol fish from the northern rivers of Dooars along with tribal music of Torsa Hollong.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: South Khayerbari.

Day 2: Buxa , Jayanti & Bhutan.

Day 3: Teen Bigha Tea Estate and swimming at Hollong River.

Food Menu:

Day 1: Lunch- bhaat, ghee, postobata, patpatar bora, chittol kaliya, chittol muitha, moog dal, chatnee, papor.   Evening- paneer pakora, veg pakora, tea.   Dinner- bhaat/roti, daal, aloobhaja, borolir jhaal, paanch sabji, cheptir jhol/bhaja, papor, sandesh.

Day 2: Breakfast- karaishutir kochuri, cholar daal, rosogolla.   Lunch (Packed)- fried rice, chilli chicken, chilli paneer.   Evening- chowmein/muri makha, coffee.   Dinner- bhaat/roti, daal, sabji, katlar jhol, chatni, papor.

Day 3: aloor paratha, tok doi, misti.   Lunch- bhaat, macher matha diye daal, sabji, katla kaliya, bhaja, payesh, sandesh.

Rate: For group of 8 is Rs.3,650 per head.

Rate: For group of 4 is Rs.4,650 per head.


5 Nights and 6 Days---Kolkata to KolkataHotels in Jaldapara

Jaldapara forest in rainy season becomes an astonishing experience with it's extraordinary growth rate of it's priceless flaura & fauna. 

We Invite you for a 5 Nights and 6 Days stay at Hollong Eco Village Resort situated at the border of Jaldapara National Park and on the banks of Hollong river. You will be mesmerized by the culture of  the tribal villages and their dance. Picnic at river Torsa or Barbeque in the forest will be a life time experience.

Upcoming Dates of this Package

  • 14/07/2018 - 19/07/2018
  • 11/08/2018 - 16/08/2018

Package Cost Per Head 

  • 8 People = Rs. 5,500
  • 6 People = Rs. 6,000
  • 4 People = Rs. 6,700

Package Itinerary

  • Day 1: Boarding from Sealdah or Howrah station.
  • Day 2: Reaching Falakata or Hashimara station. Pickup from station and drop at Hollong Eco Village Resort. Post lunch trip to South Khayerbari Leopard Sanctuary. Night stay at Hollong.
  • Day 3: Post breakfast trip to Buxa-Jayanti or Cooch Bihar Rajprasad via Chilapata forest (with packed lunch). Night stay at Hollong.
  • Day 4: Picnic/Brunch on banks of Torsa River and then trip to Phuntsholing Indo-Bhutan border. Then an evening of Tribal Dance at Hollong Eco Village Resort. Night stay at Hollong.
  • Day 5: Post breakfast a mind refreshing walk by the banks of Hollong River. Then drop to Hashimara or Falakata stn. Departure for Kolkata.

P.S.  1. Train tickets of sleeper class both up and down are included in the package cost.

          2. Openair Barbeque session can be arranged but will not be included in the package cost.


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